The Monge Group is at the forefront of the production of complete, natural and balance diets for pets in all stages of life. 

The research and development area of the company continuously improves veterinary knowledges and technological innovations in the production of healthy and tasty diets to meet nutritional requirements of pets, focused carefully on different breeds.

For these reasons, Monge is leader company in quality of its products and innovation for national and international breeders. Qualified staff is always available for breeders who choose monge products which continuosly grow

Monge Group collaborates with breeders offering high quality of its products, qualified personnel, events and scientific communication.

The breeders are the best witnesses to understand and express the importance of nutrition in order to guarantee from the early stage of life the well being and healthy of pets.

Since 1963, Monge Family is personally involved in the production sector obtaining the best results and proud awards .

The main goal is to be a leader company for many breeders and share the same values. 

Qualified personnel is always available for breeders that choice Monge products, which continuously growth. 

Breeders team is always available to provide advices and meet needs of who chose this delicate and extraordinary activity: follow the puppies growth of all breed with healthy and harmony.

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