For Monge, which is taking care of our four-legged friends everyday, nature is very important.

Our packaging is made of recyclable materials and to respect the environment we need the contribution of our consumers.

So the question is: are you environmentally friendly? Yes of course!

Here are some easy steps to correctly recycle the packaging of our dry and wet food products.


  • PLASTIC BAGS IN ALL SIZES: place in plastic recycling bin.
  • TIN CANS: Remove the label and put in paper recycling bin. Wash the tin can and place in metal recycling bin.
  • ALUMINIUM TRAYS: Wash the tray and put the empty tray in metal recycling bin.

A cleaner environment is important for you and your animals, not only those living at home with you, but also and especially those living freely in nature.

It only takes small daily gestures to help the planet.

Think Green, like Monge.

Thanks for your contribution!